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Duval Messien Satelit 3


This third generation Early Streamer Emission lighning conductor Satelit 3 utilized the state-of-the-art technology to force the lightning strike to follow a predetermined path towards the earthing system.

Satelit 3 has been designed around a 304L quality stainless steel shell in order to guarantee high resistance to impacts, corrosion and chemical agents (hydrocarbons, acids, etc.). It is perfectly suited for installation in chlorinated environments, in high humidity climates or in exposed industrial sites.

The electronic components selected for the Satelit 3 are completely protected inside an inert resin block. The spard gap, made of solid stainless steel, is designed to conduct currents greater than 180 kA.

The Satelit 3 is powered by a NI-MH type battery, continuously recharged by three indestructible, flexible solar cells. The heated encapsulatin process used in manufacturing them ensures excellent tightness as well as improved protection against damage. The faces of each cell are made of Ethylene Tetra Fluoro-Ethylene (ETFE) co-polymer material. As well as being adhesion resistant, it does not turn yellow or crack up over time.


  • Tip:        304L Stainless Steel
  • Body:     304 L Stainless Steel
  • Weight:  4 kg

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