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RCW Pole-Mounted Vacuum Recloser


The RCW series automatic circuit reclosers can use on overhead distribution lines as well as distribution substation applications for all voltage classes 11kV up to 38kV at 50/60Hz power system. and it’s rated current can reach 1250A.

The RCW series automatic circuit reclosers integrates the functions of control, protection, measurement, communication, fault detection, on-line monitoring of closing or opening.

Technical Data:

1Rated VoltagekV152738
2Rated CurrentA630630/ 1250630/ 1250
3Rated FrequencyHz50/ 60
4Power Frequency 1 minDrykV556595
5Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (peak)kV95/ 110125/ 165170/ 200
6Rated Short Circuit Breaking CurrentkA161612.5
7Rated Short Current Switching Current (peak)kA404031.5
8Rated Peak Value Withstand CurrentkA404031.5
94S Short time Withstand CurrentkA161612.5
10Rated Operating CirculateO-0.5S-CO-2S-CO-20S-CO
11Breaking Current Frequency Under Rated Short Circuittime200
12Mechanism Lifetime10000
13Secondary Loop 1 min Power Frequency WithstandkV2

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