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MCCB (HGM Type): 400 - 800 AF

Things in Common

Rated Insulation Voltage, Ui 1,000 V
Rated Operational Voltage, Ue 690 V
Impulse Withstand Voltage, Uimp 8 kV
Protection Function Overload, short-circuit and instantaneous protection
Suitability for Isolation Yes
Utilization Category A
Pollution Degree 3
Reference Standard IEC 60947-2


Frame (AF)400Model630800
Pole (P)2, 3, 41)2, 3, 41)2, 3, 41)
Rated Current, at 40° C (A)250, 300, 350, 400500, 630700, 800
Rated Short-Circuit Breaking Capacity [Icu] (kA rms)Recognition code for orderESHLESHLSHL
AC660/690 V58101458101481014
AC480/500 V1835506525455065455065
AC440/460 V3850708538507085507085
AC380/415 V4565851004564851006585100
AC220/240 V5075100125507510012575100125
DC250 V (2P)2025404020254040254040
Service Breaking Capacity
[Ics = % Icu]
Trip Device
Long Time [LT]Fixed(1.0) x In(1.0) x In(1.0) x In
Adjustable(0.63 - 0.8 - 1.0) x In(0.63 - 0.8 - 1.0) x In(0.63 - 0.8 - 1.0) x In
Instantaneous [INST]10 x In10 x In10 x In
InternalAuxilliary Switch AUX
Alarm Switch ALT
Shunt Trip SHT
Undervoltage Trip UVT
ExternalRotary HandleFront Contact TFG
Extended TFH
Motor Operator MOT
Mechanical Interlock MIF`●
Locking Device PLD
Plug-inTDM (LINE/ LOAD)● (3P Only)● (3P Only)● (3P Only)
TDM (LINE only)● (3P Only)● (3P Only)● (3P Only)
TDF (LINE only)---
TDA (1 row)---
TDA (2 row)---
Cage Terminal Block CTB
Insulation Terminal Cover TCF
Insulation Barrier TQQ
Terminal Extentions TBB
Installation and Dimensions
Connection/ InstallationFront ConnectionTerminal ScrewTerminal Screw, Terminal Busbar
Rear ConnectionHorizontal/ Vertical WiringHorizontal/ Vertical Wiring
Plug-inSwitchboard Type (Line & Load, Line only)2)Switchboard Type (Line & Load, Line only)2)
Dimensions (mm)a (2/ 3/ 4P)140/ 140/ 184210/ 210/ 280210/ 210/ 280
Weight (kg)2/ 3/ 4P4/ 4.5/ 5.48.7/ 9.5/ 12.58.7/ 9.5/ 12.5
Detailed Rating and Select122 Page
Characteristics Curve and Outside View70 - 80 Page


1) 4 pole arrangement: Basic specification is R-S-T-N (N-R-S-T is optional).
2) Plug-in: Applicable only 3P.

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