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DTR 3-Pole Outdoor Disconnector Type


Rated CurrentIr630 A1250 A630 A1250 A630 A1250 A
Rated VoltageUr12 kV27 kV36 kV
Rated FrequencyFr60 Hz (50 Hz)60 Hz (50 Hz)60 Hz (50 Hz)
Rated Short Time CurrentIk25 kA25 kA25 kA
Duration of Short-Time Circuittk3 s3 s3 s
Impulse Withstand VoltageUp
- Across Isolating Distance75 kV150 kV195 kV
- To Earth Between Poles75 kV150 kV170 kV
Power Frequency WithstandUd
- Across Isolating Distance28 kV60 kV80 kV
- To Earth Between Poles28 kV60 kV70 kV
Mechanical LifeM2 (M3)M2 (M3)M2 (M3)

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