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36 kV Aluminium Insulated Cable

Technical Particulars

NoDescriptionUnitTechnical Particulars
1.Manufacturer-Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation (CADIVI)
2.Country of Origin-Vietnam
3.Applicable Standard-IEC 60502-2; IEC 60228, ICEA S66-524
4.Quality Management Standard-ISO 9001:2008
5.Type: Power Cable (Aerial)-AXIE
6.Rated VoltagekV18/30 (36)
7.Cross Section Shape-Stranded Circular Compacted Conductor (CC)
8.Material of Conductor-Aluminum
Nominal Areamm295
9.Conductor Structure:--
Number of Wires
- Nominal Area 95No.19 (CC)
- Nominal Area 120No.19 (CC)
- Nominal Area 150No.19 (CC)
- Nominal Area 185No.37 (CC)
10.Maximum DC Resistance of Conductor Per 1000m at 20°C-
- Nominal Area 95Ω/km0.320
- Nominal Area 120Ω/km0.253
- Nominal Area 150Ω/km0.206
- Nominal Area 185Ω/km0.164
11.Minimum Ultimate Breaking Strength-
- Nominal Area 95N13749
- Nominal Area 120N18497
- Nominal Area 150N22710
- Nominal Area 185N27147

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