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33 kV Outdoor Gas Circuit Breaker (1600 A) with
Current Transformer 50-100-150/5/5

Table 1

1Rated VoltagekV40.5
2Rated FrequencyHz50
3Rated CurrentA1600
4Rated Short-Circuit Breaking CurrentkA31.5
5Rated Short-Circuit Making CurrentkA80
6Rated Short-Time Withstand Current (4 s)kA31.5
7Rated Peak Withstand CurrentkA80
8Rated Out-of-Phase Breaking CurrentkA8
9Accumulative Breaking Times with Full Capacitytimes20
10Rated Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage
Phase-to-Phase or Phase-to-EarthkV185
Across the Open ContactkV215
11Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (1 min)
Phase-to-Phase or Phase-to-EarthkV95
Across the Open ContactkV118
12Closing Timems≤ 120
13Opening Timems60 ± 10
14Rated Operation SequenceO-0.3 s-CO-180 s-CO
15Mechanical Lifetimes6000
16Annual Leakage of SF6 Gas%/year≤ 1
17Weight of a CBkg600 (900 when equipped with current transformer outside)


Table 2

1Rated Pressure of SF6 GasMPa0.60
2Alarm Pressure of SF6 GasMPa0.55
3Locking Pressure of SF6 GasMPa0.52
4Weight of SF6 Gas for a CBkg2.0
5Water Content in SF6 Gas (20°C)v/v≤ 150 x 10 -6


Table 3

1Opening CoilRated VoltageVAC220DC110DC220
Rated CurrentA2.442
Scope of Normal Working Voltage65% Ur to 120% Ur
2Closing CoilVoltage of Control CircuitVAC220DC110DC220
Current of Closing CoilA342.2
Scope of Normal Working Voltage85% Ur to 110% Ur
3Energizing MotorVoltage of Energizing MotorVAC110 or DC110
Power of Energizing MotorW500
Scope of Normal Working Voltage85% Ur to 110% Ur
Time of Storing Energys≤ 8
4HeaterRated VoltageVAC220

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